Friday, 8 April 2011

Entry #3 Tenacious D

OK Day #3. This time I've picked a musical comedy, most likely one of the best comedies I've seen. This Movie    has a lot of funny songs which I can remember word by word, cause I've seen the movie at least 5 times already and it still is awesome to me and maybe I'll watch it after posting this.

"In Venice Beach, there was a man named Kage 
When he was buskin he was all the rage. 
He met Jables and he taught him well, 
All the techniques that were developed in hell. 
Cock pushups and the power slide, 
Gig simulation now theres nowhere to hide. 
They formed a band they named Tenacious D, 
And then they got the Pick of Destiny. "
This is actually lyrics of the song Pick Of Destiny from their movie, however it perfectly represents the main plot of the movie.

IMDB rated this movie 6.7 (THOSE BASTARDS!)
I'd rate it 9 as minimum.